Being a dentist is no easy job. There are lots of daily pressures, there is certainly a lot of responsibility as you are looking after your patients teeth and oral hygiene in general.

You of course have to do a considerable amount of training to even become a dentist and even after you make it, you still have to do regular training to ensure that your skills are kept up to scratch.

Often you will hear advice from other people in the dental industry about how you always need to be going on courses to get the latest dental training. You will also get told that you need lots of experience, you need to learn from other dentists in order to better yourself and your skills.

Of course all of these things are extremely important and all valid. For these reasons, being a dentist is a very tough job indeed. You spend half of your life actually working, being a dentist, and it often feels like you spend the other half of it training and learning how to become a better dentist than you already are. At the end of it all, its easy to feel like you don’t get any time for yourself – any time to relax and recouperate.

Well, my advice to you is this – the time that you take for yourself, the time you take to relax and chill out, is actually very important indeed. This time will also be a considerable contributing factor in making you a better dentist.

There was an article recently, published on quotidienlejour.com about travelling abroad and how it can be very beneficial for you and it is absolutely true. Not only does this give you time to relax but it is also the time when your ideas, the things you have learned, really come together in your mind and slot in to the way that you work.

Further more, travelling gives you a chance to appreciate others – not only to appreciate other people but also to appreciate other cultures – and it can really broaden your view of the world and make you a better person. It can also make you better able to understand, and deal with, other people – your patients for example – and in turn this will allow you to provide a better, and more quality, service to them.

So next time you think that you just don’t have time to take that break, or go on that short trip abroad, because you have too much work to catch up on within the dental industry, think again – take that break, recuperate, and come back a better dentist.