Dental Health

Your Dentist Kowns Your Dental Health Better

Dentistry is one of the areas of study in the medical sciences. It is a branch of medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral health which includes your teeth and gums. The dentist is the one who is assigned to take care of the treatments of our oral health related issues. A dentist always says to have a regular checkup for your teeth and related areas especially along with personal care for the kids. So, we are all here to tell you about the importance of dental checkup from the point od view of a dentist.

In addition to the personal taking care of your oral health, you need to pay regular visits to your dentist at least twice a year. It is recommended that twice a year is fine, but, you may need to go for frequent checkups if prescribed by your dentist. Health comes first, we should not ignore it.

What can you expect in a dental checkup?

  • It is not that the dental hygienists and the dentists have a hard and first rule to operate the checkup, but, we shall talk about the checkups in general:
  • You might see your dental hygienist with the hand scaler or ultrasonic dental instrument which is used to scrape and remove the plaque from your teeth. He/she will polish your teeth with a brush or a rubber cup removing the remaining plaque or stains.
  • Then comes your role. You have to tell them your existing issues with your oral health. Always remember that it’s just not the dentist’s work figure out his problem. You certainly need to say about your own problems with clarity.
  • Then they will examine your teeth, gums, jaws, tongue etc., basically, they check your mouth inside out. Now, they might use special probes to check the cavity by poking with an instrument, to check gaps between teeth or use a teeth mirror to see a better view of the teeth line. Then, if they see any serious issue, they will refer you to the specialist like periodontist or orthodeontist.
  • Sometimes, if it’s not easy to detect the issues but there’s always a chance of any problem. Then, they prefer to do X-rays of your teeth, gums and tongue along with the complete interior of the mouth. You need to bring the copies once you visit the dentist the next time.

There is also a comprehensive examination which is little more than just the regular checkup. There are chances of having the comprehensive test on the first visit or if said, periodically after that. What happens in Comprehensive Examination?

  • Thorough checkup of your oral areas including neck portion
  • You need to be clear with your words – the medical history of yours.
  • They might take a series of X-Rays

Do your own part

  • As already said, you need to open up in front of your dentist. Otherwise, it’s difficult for him to understand your problems completely.
  • Tell about your complete medical history or any chronic issues if you have.
  • If you’re changing the dentist, take away all the prescriptions of the previous one. He needs to understand a lot from this history.
  • If you have dental anxiety like you touch your teeth often or just tensed about your teeth always, then you should not miss this point.
  • Any personal mention if you have seen any recent changes in your oral areas, even how peculiar it might be.

Dental Health is equivalent to the complete health checkup. You know why? Because in our body, everything is interrelated to each other. You suffer from dental issues, it might affect your complete body. So, better to prevent than just to cure.